Services offered by Nexus Consultant

Nexus Consultant is an international-education service organization representing a group of world-reputed and fully accredited colleges and universities around the world.

Counsel and assist students for Selection of right College and University

After enrollment of students in Nexus Consultant, we help them in selection of good educational institutions. It is very concerned with the right selection of educational institutions abroad. Our main task is also to discover established institutions and provide students with error-free applications. We guide them for good institutions that would go with their individual, educational and financial position. Nexus Consultant guides the students constantly on Topics like, fees, suitable, colleges, accommodation, meal, weather etc.

Counseling for Information on Final Admission requirements:

All countries have their own criteria for international students to be admitted in their institutions. All institutions require academic background and English proficiency of students. Colleges demands for TOEFL or IELTS results. Some countries are particularly in Australia only IELTS is valid and in United states GRE/GMAT exam are mandate for graduate level. Students do not commonly know these things so we have to make them clear about these requirements.

Counseling Services for Visa

Visa is a document that grants you permission to travel to other countries and also defines your status in that country.
It is often observed that most deserving students fail to get visas, as they do not know how to present their evidence before the consulate office and due to insufficient documentary proofs they fail to perform at the visa interview. We at Nexus Consultant believe that a good preparation and systematic visa file containing all the Documentation required helps a student to reply promptly and confidently at the visa interview. Nexus Consultant conducts mock interviews with students with the regular questions asked by the Embassies and Visa officers.

Assistance for Travel Arrangements

After successful interview session at embassy we guide our students in travel arrangements. It includes the situation student have to face after arrival in a totally new environment of foreign country plus accommodation arrangements.

Counseling on Admission letter

Nexus Consultant is authorized by various reputed educational institutions across the world. We give surety on arrival of acceptance letter from our authorized universities and colleges.

Academic and Career Counseling

Nexus Consultant helps students to choose right program and course to study in right country. Initially our consultancy tries to understand student’s perspective in which country they are willing to study and what is his/her background. Understanding their background we suggest them with proper guidance according to their Qualification & Budget.

Counseling for Formatting of Documents

Formatting documents is next big thing to get success for student immigration. In documentation we mainly prepare our students according to requirements of targeted embassy. Mainly for student visas embassy looks for financial status of student’s guardian whether he/she can survive or not, in guest country. Bank statement, Income source, property are the main required documents and beside this medical and police reports are main documents. So, we guide them, on presenting the necessary documents and also we provide all application forms required by consulate and supervise them to fill it.